What Now For Property?

Are you the glass half-full or glass half-empty type? Are you fearful or excited about the current market turmoil around Coronavirus/ COVID-19 and the potential follow-on impact on the property market? We know shares have already taken their worst beating in history. But what about bricks and mortar? Here’s a few questions to consider;

  • Is this a downturn, or a correction?
  • How much Super will you lose (or gain – by topping up your SMSF property portfolio on the way up)?
  • Is this a once in 100 year disaster or opportunity?
  • Is this the time to buy or sell property?
  • What lies ahead for tenants and landlords?
  • What’s the risk if I buy (or lease) property now?
  • What’s the risk (in lost opportunity) if I don’t?

While we might not all agree on the above questions, I think we can all agree that we are in unchartered waters. 

No doubt the usual “gurus” will come out of the woodwork spruiking that they’ve “seen this all before”. But rest assured, they haven’t. The current situation makes the 1987 stock market crash and the GFC of 2008 look like hiccups in comparison. What is about to unfold in the markets will certainly be unprecedented. And just like every other severe crash or correction, there is always an upside. Positioning yourself to take advantage of the inevitable upswing is crucial. This applies to both the stock and property markets. 

For what it’s worth, our view is that this unprecedented crisis will cause an equally unprecedented boom. And we think that will occur within 12 – 24 months from now. Governments will likely roll out the usual stimulus packages and create almost unlimited debt – and debt forgiveness for the lucky few. The longer and steeper the decline and the more fear that is propagated in the media, means the greater the drop in markets – and the greater the upswing when it does eventuate, which it surely will. Time will tell. 

Whatever lies ahead, one universal truth is certain. Cash is king! Whether you’re a buyer or a seller. We have our opinions on both the property and stock market. But what is your view? Do you have a plan? Remember this wise saying;


He who does not plan, plans to fail.


Needless to say, we are glass half-full types here at QCR. Get in touch and lets chat if you want to talk about some strategies. Or leave a comment below.

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