Who We Are

QCR (QLD Commercial & Residential), has a long proud history with property in Queensland. The patriarch of the family, Jack Maher, started the first of our family real estate agencies in Brisbane in pre World War II, around 1938. He was a big part of the post-war residential boom in Brisbane and later moved into commercial property in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Jack was a boy when cars were a “new fangled thing” and a horse & buggy was all the rage. Back in those days, agents hand-painted their own ‘for sale’ signs and hammered them in the ground themselves with a sledge hammer. Jack used to tell stories of selling houses for $3,000! He would never have imagined the dizzying prices we see today! The leaders of QCR have previously worked in some of Australia’s most successful real estate and financial organisations such as; Mirvac, AMP, Suncorp, BDO to name a few. We have over 100 years of collective experience. After initially starting the Gold Coast chapter in 1998, QCR was restructured and incorporated in its current structure in 2010. In 2021, the company experienced surging growth and is on a bold expansion strategy which will cover the whole of Queensland without franchising. This is a new business model for real estate and QCR is the pioneer. More news will be revealed as we launch this next phase over the coming months. 

Why We Love Real Estate

Real estate is essential for all of us, for our well-being and our financial security. When you own property you walk taller in the knowledge that you have a great investment ticking away for you while you sleep. It’s a great feeling! And the reason it’s a great investment is simple… supply & demand. As old Jack would say, “everybody has to have a place to live”. And that demand, only ever increases!

A lot has changed since those old days, but one thing that has not, is great customer service and integrity. These are the principles by which we  live and operate at QCR. 

As a real estate agency, one things we must do well is to differentiate ourselves by standing out above the plethora of competition. Not just for the sake of being different, but to make a difference. Here’s how we go about achieving that.

Our 7 Points of Difference

  1. First and foremost, we recruit dominant market leading agents in residential and commercial real estate and pay them the best commission in the industry. They are tireless sales driven professionals who love their work and always strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients. This creates the ultimate environment for all to succeed.  
  2. No high pressure sales pitch to Auction your property. We thoroughly research all the relevant factors and variables of your property and area, then recommend the best tailored approach, given the current market conditions.
  3. Advanced digital marketing and PropTech to get your ad seen across all major portals fast by prospective buyers or tenants along with our own high performance Google ranking website. 
  4. Honest, fact based appraisals of your property. Not just telling you the price you want to hear to win your business, but providing you with recent sales evidence of where the market is right now. 
  5. Great communication at all times with you, our clients and our rich database of buyers ensuring a stead flow of strong inquiry.
  6. Unwavering commitment to getting the result you want. We call, email, text and negotiate with buyers until we close the deal to your satisfaction. 
  7. Integrity at all times. We are not interested in getting a listing at any cost. If it works for you and for us, we’re in 100%. But if we can’t see a way to deliver what you want, we won’t waste your time and ours, we’ll tell you upfront. 

How’s that for different? If this sounds like a refreshing approach, we encourage you to contact us today for a confidential discussion about your property or business needs.

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