Our main focus is Property Sales & Leasing and Business Sales. In addition to these core services we offer a range of complimentary real estate services. Please fill out the form below if you would like some help with any of these services and a team member will be in touch. 

We specialise in project marketing and sales and we work with some of Australia’s leading developers. 

We work with all sizes from a small block of boutique townhouses to multi storey billion dollar iconic developments, we have the know-how to help you achieve your sales goals. 

We also have a proprietary project development search engine for your end product which is one of the best tools for buyers, thus helping them to reach a decision sooner. Check it out here

So if you are a developer looking for a sales partner  you can trust, who will present your development in the best possible light, and market it to the right buyers at the right time,  please get in touch, we’d love to work with you and have much to offer on your next journey. 

  • Property valuations/ estimates (for SMSF bi-annual audits). Quick turnaround in 24 hours.

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If you are a commercial  or industrial property owner with properties over 1,000m², we invite you to experience what trouble-free property management feels like. We see and stop dramas before they happen, because we treat your property as though it was our own.

We love commercial property (probably just as much as you). So we care what happens to every property under our care. We handle all aspects from;

  • Trust accounting
  • Reporting
  • Compliance updates
  • Regular inspections
  • Background checks
  • Rent collection & distribution
  • Regular maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Disputes, mediations & evictions 

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  • Government land sales
  • Banks – Mortgagee in Possession
  • Local government property sales for non-payment of rates
  • Surplus to requirements
  • Deceased estates

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  • Get a fast, fact based relevant & recent sales report that will provide you with a very accurate guide for what your property is most likely to sell for in the current market. Many agents will inflate what your property is worth, simply to try and seduce you to list with them. Then as the months wear on and you become despondent with no sale, they beat you down to what it’s really worth! Why not save yourself all this drama? When you’re armed with the facts, you’ll be better prepared and know which agent is honest and worthy of your business. 

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For property owners who do their own direct leasing or selling and don’t want the expense of a Solicitor. We prepare current REIQ/Law Society forms* to ensure your contracts are up-to-date and legal. With even the simplest of contracts, most Solicitors tend to add considerable complexity & legalese. Often, this is done only to justify their fee. However, this often creates unnecessary delays  just when the timing is critical and we see many solicitor leases fall over as a result. 

We cut to the chase. You want the deal, the tenant wants it done and most importantly… so do we or we don’t get paid. Not so with your solicitor. They get paid whether your tenant walks away or not.  

Armed with our own collection of all common standard legal clauses that we have maintained over the years, we leave out all the word wizardry and capture only the essentials in the contract to protect you & your asset, and we  turn it around in 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of your solicitor. And this cost we pass on to the tenant, with your permission. Our service is proving to be very popular with Landlords.

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*Leases under 3 years term only. 
  • Professional Auction Bidding – does the thought of sticking your hand up in a crowded auction scare you? Why not let our professional auction bidders take the stress and emotion away from you on this very important day. We follow your instructions to the letter so you are guaranteed never to pay a penny more than you have budgeted for. We are ‘plugged in’ to you via ear pieces and talk to you in real-time while the auction unfolds. You can be in the comfort of your own home or in a back room of the auction house out of sight. Ideal for private buyers who wish to remain totally anonymous

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  • Capture your property in it’s best light.
  • We can showcase your property from all angles to maximise appeal and capture buyer interest. 
  • Full production with music & voice over or still shots only.  

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  • QCR can provide you with professional accurate floor plans and/or laser measuring of large commercial warehouses for valuations/ rent estimates and insurance. 
  • Stop the guesswork. As an owner, know exactly what you’re charging for. Don’t miss out on valuable NLA. 
  • Or as a tenant, if you think the quoted size is inaccurate, confirm the area with this one simple report. 

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When buying a  development site it is essential to do your Due Diligence and create a Feasibility Report to ensure the project is both achievable and profitable. If either of these does not stack up, obviously you should walk away. Yet many would-be developers get this simple step wrong and it ends up costing them dearly. 

Get this right from the outset and you can almost guarantee your profit and set yourself on the path for long term future success. 

For a small upfront fee, QCR can provide comprehensive reports to enable you to know whether you have a potentially profitable winning project or a money trap you might be best to avoid. 

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