It’s wise to be prepared before you go shopping for a property. Know up front how much you can borrow, then you’ll not only save time, but know exactly what you can and can’t afford.


  1. Enter the Total Amount of the property value first (just numbers without the dollar sign)
  2. Then your Deposit. How much cash (or equity in other property) you can contribute. 
  3. Then the current Interest Rate from your preferred lender (just the number with decimal point, but no % sign)
  4. Next, enter the Loan Term. This is how long you want the loan to be. Shorter is better for you in the long term, but it means much bigger payments  each month. 25 – 30 years is common if you have plenty of time. But shorter is always best (if you can afford it)
  5. And finally, click the Calculate button. Your monthly repayments will be shown at the top of the calculator 

Play around with the calculator until you find the repayments that are comfortable for you to manage each month. Take into consideration all your other expenses as well. 

Calculate Your Monthly Loan Repayments

  • Principal & Interest

*This calculator is supplied by a third party. We make no claim as to its accuracy and accept no liability. Use is at your own risk.

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