At QCR, we operate differently to other companies and real estate agencies. We start not with our own goals and targets in mind, but with the goals of our staff. We understand that a happy and contented staff means a much higher quality of work, which in turn leads to better deals. We attract people at the top of their game and empower them to earn up to 35% more commission per sale, and also people who want to learn from our elite sales people. This collaboration and mentoring approach drives exceptional results.  


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About Us

QCR is a corporate real estate company founded in 2010 with a long family real estate history dating back to 1938. We have largely been an off-market company dealing with HNW individuals. However, we believe we are currently entering possibly the greatest real estate boom Australia has ever seen. In preparation, we are about to scale up and launch a new real estate model very soon that will see our agents dominating their chosen areas. 

QCR’s 7 Key Advantages
  1. We are a single company not a complex franchise group. This gives us the agility and autonomy to act swiftly, not get caught up in red-tape, protocol and restrictions.
  2. As we are not a franchise, there is no 10% franchise fee (or ongoing monthly service fees)  deducted from your gross commission. Our formula means our agents end up with a lot more money in their pocket, from day one, than any other agency in the market.
  3. There is no membership fee (unlike the RAAS Agency model below), we charge you nothing and you get everything; tools, systems, support, great technology, portals, marketing etc.
  4. We actively feed you more leads than you’ll be able to handle. We are hunters, and find deals for all our agents so they stay well ahead of the pack. No more wondering when the phone will ring or what to do next. But if you’re at the top of your game and don’t want us to interfere, that’s fine too. We just enable you to get what you need, when you need it in order to maximise your earnings. 
  5. Get ready for fanatical human sales support. What you need, when you need it. No delays. A fancy CRM is all good and well (and we have that), but only switched on humans can give you gold plated support and momentum when you need it.
  6. Database safety and mining. Your database is your pot of gold. It’s not good enough to just capture sloppy data that comes in via the web. It must be cleaned, nurtured and above all else, exploited to unlock the gold within. We help you with all this.
  7. Dominate your chosen area. We only want one agent per region. When you own it, its yours. But you still get to collaborate freely – if you choose – and without internal competition because  we reward everyone involved with a deal. 

But… we are very selective. Now it’s your turn.

About You

You must be a licensed real estate salesperson. However, this is not open to all agents. We hand pick who we want on our team and it’s not always down to who makes the most sales. We look for character, integrity and the right attitude first and foremost. Then aptitude etc.

If you are still reading, then you’re probably from one of the 3 agency models below. 

  • Large Franchise or Global Corporate Agency. We know how these work because we’ve worked in some of them ourselves at some point. The culture can be toxic, often with all agents in direct competition with each other and hamstrung with tightly capped farm areas and  commissions. This leads to a secretive culture and distrust in the people who should be your closest colleagues. At QCR we have eliminated this barrier while still thriving on competition, just not internally.
  • RAAS Agency. The RAAS model is “Real Estate As A Service”. Similar to signing up to monthly fees for a software subscription, except in this case, you sign up to a range of services that agents require. We see these as pseudo real estate agencies because their core business (and primary income stream) is not from selling real estate themselves, but from charging their subscribers (agents) monthly fees and added commission. They provide re-branded software and limited services. These systems can work if you are selling lots of properties. Where they come unstuck is when you have to keep paying the monthly bill even when you  may have made no money last month. If you have a few bad months in a row (which obviously does happen), many of these agents report being worse off than they were under the franchise model. To compound the issue, some have been known to have close family members selling real estate under their system. This creates a huge conflict ethically because they potentially have access to all (hundreds of agents’) contact databases. We don’t sell in your patch, we make sure you dominate it. 
  • Lone Wolf Agent. A single agent with very limited resources, staff and ability to grow. While it’s good to row your own boat, you should be in the business of selling real estate, not doing endless admin, IT and accounting and hoping the phone rings in between. 
What We’re Looking For

If any of the above rings true for you, we invite you to get in touch and discuss our way of doing real estate. 

We are currently recruiting for  licensed Residential and Commercial real estate salespersons in over 20 key locations across Queensland initially and expanding Nationally thereafter. We have positions for experienced real estate sales people who have a strong desire to dominate their territory. Our unique business model means you will be earning up to 35% more commission on every sale or lease, from day one. 

We would like to hear from you if you have the following; 

  • A current real estate salespersons license and a minimum of 1 year experience in property 
  • Entrepreneurial and commercially astute
  • Strong work ethic and passion to succeed
  • Confident, driven and enthusiastic
  • Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • The ability to work in a team focussed environment
  • A customer-centric attitude
  • Willing and able to take responsibility for your own market and client base
Process & Timing
  • Please register your initial interest by completing the form below. We will review and be in touch
  • Be assured, your application will be in the strictest confidence
  • Please note, places are limited per region
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We are seeking AdministratorsProperty Managers and Marketing staff with a ‘can-do’ attitude and a proven great work ethic. Take a role where you’ll be at the forefront of our rapidly growing real estate business. Various roles on offer. Please apply using the form below.


  • Experience running back-office operations for a real estate agency (or similar)
  • Willingness to learn and embrace new systems 
  • Accuracy and good literacy is essential
  • Experience with RealWorks or similar
  • Prepare contracts and invoices with high attention to detail
  • Liaise with solicitors, agents and suppliers
  • Assist with gathering of property data for forms etc
  • This is a behind the scenes role. You should be happy to be editing, reviewing & preparing documents all day long 
  • No formal qualification required. Just proven ability and experience

Property Management

  • An appropriate property management qualification is required
  • Ability to deal with a variety of tenants landlords and keep a cool head at all times
  • Ability to lookup and complete the correct property forms, codes and procedures
  • Previous experience in property management is highly regarded 


  • Support sales & leasing agents in producing marketing material
  • Editing, uploading & optimising photos and content to various real estate systems
  • Produce flyers, brochures etc (tools provided). Good all-round digital skills are required
  • Good grammar, English and attention to detail is essential. Agents will often give you incomplete and error ridden details, so you will be the chief proofreader
  • Liaise with suppliers such as; signwriters, printers, advertisers, IT support etc
  • Excellent communication, time and task management
  • Occasional phone calls to/from clients and suppliers. But mostly back office, no selling
  • Help with general office admin as required
  • No formal qualification required. Just proven ability and experience

All Roles

  • These roles will be  “work-from-home’ initially, while we move into our new offices. So you’ll have a lot of flexibility and freedom. 
  • Attention to detail is a must! Mistakes in this industry can cost a lot. Our motto is; slow down, check it twice, then check it again. 
  • You need to possess a great work ethic and attitude. We work fast and you need to bring your A game, every day
  • Please apply with your resume and cover letter (and yes, we’ll be looking for mistakes)

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