off-market Properties - for sale or lease

If you are looking for properties for sale (or lease) that have not yet hit the open market or are not advertised on the major real estate portals, you have come to the right place. 

We deal with many property owners across Australia and Internationally, who for various reasons, do not wish to publicise that their property is for sale. Some are due to corporate reasons, others may be private HNW (high net worth) individuals who simply wish to keep their business away from the public spot light.

To assist these valued clients in selling their property, we have created this “Off-Market” page which reveals the basic details of what the opportunities are, but respects the owners wish to keep the finer details private.

Buyers – We welcome your genuine inquiries but will need to qualify you before providing any in depth detail. As with our sellers, we offer you the same confidentiality until a contract is presented. 

Owners – If you are thinking of selling or leasing and you wish to remain discreet, why not reach out to see how we can help. Our discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. Like you, our time is valuable so we insist on fully qualifying buyers before presenting offers. When we do present an offer, rest assured, the buyer is able to complete the transaction. If more surety is required, we are happy to sign your (or provide our) confidentiality agreement to guarantee your anonymity and restrict how we deal with your valuable asset and information – before and after sale. Call us directly on the number at the top of this page or send through your basic requirements on our SSL secured requirements page

We will respond within 24 hours. 

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