Top 10 Skills You Learn As A Real Estate Agent

Let’s be honest, in the trust stakes, most people think Real Estate Agents sit somewhere between a snakes belly and a used car salesman.

While just about everyone has had a negative experience with an agent at some point in their life, not everyone knows what it’s like to actually be an agent. Let me assure you, it’s not as easy as you may think!

Common objections to agents go something like this;

  • “Why should I pay you so much commission when I can sell the property myself?”
  • “Bring me a buyer and you can have the listing”
  • “I won’t pay for marketing. You pay the marketing because we’ll be paying you so much”

There’s easy answers to all these objections, but rather than go into that, here’s a list of our top 10 skills these type of constant rejections teach you as an agent.

  1. Resilience – develop a thick-skin, you’ll need it! And above all, keep showing up.
  2. Patience – never give up.
  3. Reliability & Respect – always do what you say you’ll do, when you said you’d do it. This earns respect.
  4. Humility – all of the above builds this in spades.
  5. Detail – be prepared and always come armed with all the facts. There’s nothing worse than a vendor knowing more than you about the real estate market. Not a good look. 
  6. Process – you must have very good processes that you rigidly follow, or your career will be short!
  7. Faith – prove your process works, then have absolute trust and faith in it. When the going gets tough (as it surely will), follow the plan.
  8. Financial acumen – you must have it to survive and thrive in real estate because you’re dealing with smart people who know their numbers inside out. See item 5.
  9. Strategy – you must have a strategy to differentiate yourself and offer something no one else can. Find it and work it hard. This is your edge over your competition. 
  10. Trust – we saved the most important for last! This is the currency of real estate. You must earn the trust of your client. Without their trust, you have no currency. This is how you earn their trust;
    • Be honest, always. Don’t shy away from hard conversations. If you get found out in a lie, you’ll lose their business & respect anyway. So have the character to tackle objections upfront. Sometimes, this will lose the deal for you. That’s better than lying to win the deal, wasting a lot of everyones time and then losing the deal later. Honest people will respect this approach, they’re the ones you want in your database. 
    • Always be punctual. Sometimes there are good reasons for being late or missing an appointment or deadline. But there is never an excuse for not communicating any delay well in advance. This keeps your punctuality and trustworthiness in tact.  
    • Prove your worth by; your work ethic, tenacity, attention to detail, results and actions.  
    • Never talk negatively of others (agents, buyers, sellers etc). Some do, but don’t buy into it. If you do, it demonstrates that you talk behind the backs of other people. So why wouldn’t you also do it to this client? This kills trust instantly. 
    • Provide value. Not by cutting your commission rates. By adding value & knowledge for your client. People love to learn. Demonstrate that you are a trusted knowledgable adviser they want to keep in regular contact with. Make sure you bring them some useful information they are unlikely to know or haven’t had the time to research. Save them time, and they’ll value your service and keep you on their go-to list of experts.  

That’s our top 10. What did we miss, what are your tips?


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