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How to Spot a Tyre Kicker

Tyre Kicker ~ noun  "a person who inspects something for sale with no intention of buying."The term was coined to describe people who would visit a car sales yard, apparently in search of a new vehicle. They would wander aimlessly through the lot, "kicking the tyres" on a few vehicles, as if that were some kind of roadworthy test, then leave without ever buying. Some may have even enquired further,...

Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

What a great confidence boost for Gold Coast development. This multi-billion investment benefits all nearby commercial developments, businesses and tourism. The design also ties in seamlessly with the subtle commercialisation of part of our 20 kilometres of pristine, world class beaches, while retaining their natural beauty. The wide opening onto the beach is particularly reminiscent of Seminyak, Bali....

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