You don’t have to own property to profit from property. You only have to know someone who does!  

We pay a spotters fee for all types of property sale referrals, from houses and units, to commercial warehouses, offices, land and development sites. When the person you refer to us, lists with us and we sell it, you get rewarded. We currently pay up to $2,000 for residential referrals and up to $5,000 for commercial referrals. Register the details below in order to track and claim your reward. Subject to change without notice and the T&C’s below.
We respect your privacy and the information you supply here is transmitted securely and stays with us. We do not sell or share your information with any third party. See our privacy policy for further details.

Terms & Conditions

*Issuing of vouchers, rewards or benefits are subject to the following Terms & Conditions. All criteria must be met in full. NOTE: This is not a registered competition. We issue rewards upon successful completion of the sale of a property as outlined below.
    1. The property owner or referrer has correctly registered via this form.
    2. The property owner has appointed QCR (QLD Commercial & Residential Pty Ltd) to sell their property and correctly executed the required Form 6 under an exclusive listing.
    3. The property has been sold and settled by QCR.
    4. If the referring party is not the property owner, the referring party must be known to the property owner and must have sought the property owners permission to refer them to QCR.
    5. If the property owner does not confirm in writing to QCR that this permission has been sought, the referring party will not be entitled to any offer from QCR.

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