We have a long history with residential property in Queensland. The patriarch of the family Jack Maher, started the first of our family real estate businesses in Brisbane in the pre-war era in 1938. His proud motto was;

“In Real Estate Since ’38”.

That’s a claim not many agencies can make. And many thousands of sales later, here we are! Learn more about us here

Residential property is essential for all of us, for our well-being and our financial security. It’s a passive investment that works for you while you sleep. And that’s a great feeling! The reason it’s so great is very simple… supply & demand. As old Jack would say, “everybody has to have a place to live”. And that demand (population growth), only ever increases!  

So without further delay, let’s get you sorted with your property needs. Browse the listings below or let us know on this form exactly what you’re looking for and we will find it for you. That’s a promise!

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