Boom or Bust?

Buy When There Is Blood On The Streets!

Buy When There's Blood on The Streets In April 2020 we wrote an article and sent it out as an email to our clients. In that article we predicted the current real estate boom, and we said it would happen within 12  - 24 months.I hate to gloat, but here we are in the middle of one of the best real estate booms Australia has ever seen - and it happened within 12 months of our prediction.Our call was made...

What Now For Property?

What Now For Property? Are you the glass half-full or glass half-empty type? Are you fearful or excited about the current market turmoil around Coronavirus/ COVID-19 and the potential follow-on impact on the property market? We know shares have already taken their worst beating in history. But what about bricks and mortar? Here's a few questions to consider; Is this a downturn, or a correction?...

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